SAP IBP: Clear Up The Confusion

SAP heavily invested in IBP as part of new supply chain solutions roadmap. The goal of this article is to help our consultants and customers to clear up the confusion (or myth) about IBP.


Planning Strategies in APO

After we discussed Supply Network and Planning Horizon, Planning Strategy is another important subject in APO implementation. At first, we need to map the planning strategies in business term into SAP term. Many companies have implemented MPS/MRP in SAP ECC. …


APO Planning Horizon

For any SCM/APO implementations, planning horizon is one of the first three-subjects we have to discuss and understand. In SAP APO, there are more than 20 planning horizons. It is very confusing for most of us including experienced consultants.


The Characteristics of Supply Network Planning

When SAP released Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) more than 10 years ago, it named the supply planning module as Supply Network Planning. In today’s competitive, fast-changing business environment has change the supply chain and the management of its functions. …

Achieving The Benefits of APS System

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system refers to a supply planning process by which raw materials and resources are optimally allocated to meet demands. Traditional planning system such as MRP utilizes a stepwise approach to allocate material and resource. This approach …

Is China ready for SAP?

Everytime I am going back China, I always try to answer a question – is China ready for SAP? The China Computerworld story  may not state all the facts about SAP China. But I am convinced that China is not …

Project Profile – SAP GATP RBA

In consumer electronic industry, companies are constantly operating in constrain-supply situation. In many case, the constrain-supply is necessary in order to achieve profitability.  A Japanese LCD-TV manufacturer maintains a main distribution center in California and 3 other distribution centers in …

Common Mistakes in Demand Planning

Demand planning plays a key role to achieve the ultimate goal of supply chain – having right product at the right place at the right time and at the right price. Many companies implemented demand planning process using APS (Advanced Planning …