Benefit Realisation in ERP Implementation

This article deals with benefit realisation in enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation process. ERP benefits cannot be fully realised unless implementation is fully responsible by benefit owners (business) and managed as a business program. On this basis, this dissertation seeks to identify key benefit realisation elements through a comprehensive analysis of ERP literature. Then the relationships between these key elements (benefit focus, measurement system, organisation alignment and benefit delivery) and ERP benefits are confirmed through primary research among companies implemented ERP systems.

By analysing results from primary and secondary research, a benefit realisation framework is proposed to integrate technical, process improvement and organisational change management activities. Measurement system and business process redesign (BPR) are identified as key components of benefit realisation in ERP implementation. Furthermore, the benefit realisation framework illustrates that ERP benefits are realised when ERP system is aligned with organisational strategy, business processes, organisational structure and culture.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 The Evolution of ERP System

Chapter 3 ERP and Business

Chapter 4 Critical Success Factors

Chapter 5 Benefit Realisation

Chapter 9 Benefit Realisation Framework

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