Project Profile – SAP GATP RBA

In consumer electronic industry, companies are constantly operating in constrain-supply situation. In many case, the constrain-supply is necessary in order to achieve profitability.  A Japanese LCD-TV manufacturer maintains a main distribution center in California and 3 other distribution centers in middle-west and east. The majority of the inventory is kept in California to avoid unnecessary transportation. In fact, many companies have adopted direct-shipment process for their top-tier customers. Therefore, the inventory in distribution centers are mainly used to serve low-volume customers and for emergency purpose.  The GATP’s Rule-Based Availability check (RBA) became handy in the supply situation described above. RBA allows you to search the inventory in predefined location sequence and business rules. However, as RBA creates additional TAPA line in sales order, it may have negative impact on other business process. Currently, RBA does not support manual pricing.

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